Fund Raising

Fundraising is an essential process for fuelling the business growth of a company. After bootstrapping (Use of personal savings and reinvestments) the company, fund raise is important for scalability of a business.

The Team plays a vital role in helping the promoters to devise a proper strategy to secure the required capital through IPOs, Venture capital and Angel investing.

However, fundraising is quite a complex process and requires a lot of planning, execution and time at the promoter's end. Through our expertise and experience, the aim is to make this task simpler and help the promoters in all aspects of Financial Readiness Assessment, Due diligence support, Legal and Compliance Assistance, Preparation of pitch decks, Valuations etc. to ensure that the funds are raised in an efficient and timely manner for the business growth and expansion.

These are some of the key aspects considered during the fund raising activity.

1. Business Valuation

  • Deep dive in the financials to determine the fair valuation of the SME to establish a reasonable and attractive proposition for the potential investors.

2. Investor Relations

  • Create an appealing investment proposition to attract potential investors.
  • Connect SMEs with potential Merchant Bankers, investors, including venture capitalists, angel investors, private equity firms, or traditional lenders as required.

3. Strategic Planning

  • Develop a fundraising strategy tailored to the specific needs and goals of the SME.
  • Assess the dilution requirements to raise the required funds as suitable for the company.

4. Negotiation Support

  • Assist in negotiations with potential investors or lenders to secure favorable terms for the SME.
  • Provide advice on structuring deals that align with the long-term interests of the SME.

5. Follow-up and Reporting

  • Provide ongoing support after securing funding, including monitoring financial performance and reporting to investors or lenders.
  • Help SMEs maintain a positive relationship with investors and manage any issues if any.

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