IPO Advisory

An IPO is a one time and a vital event for a SME. Entire IPO process can be complex and demanding for the promoters hence arises the need for IPO Advisory services.

The team specializes in providing the necessary support and handholding the SME Promoters throughout the IPO process to come up with their IPOs seamlessly and in an efficient manner. From imparting an understanding to the SME Promoters about the listing process to Pre-IPO Readiness to help them in selecting the Merchant bankers, to ensure the compliance with all the legal and regulatory matters and the Post-IPO support, we stand right with the Promoters to help them in achieving their dream of IPO.

1. IPO Process Understanding

  • The team helps the SME promoters to understand the complete IPO process and provide the insights particularly for their specific industry and other important data points which are to be considered for an IPO.

2. Pre-IPO Readiness

  • The team conducts a thorough evaluation of the SMEs financial health, business model, and market positioning to determine if it's ready for an IPO.
  • Identify any gaps or areas that need improvement before proceeding with the IPO process.

3. Merchant Banking Relationship

  • Assistance in selecting underwriters and Merchant bankers with experience in the SME IPOs and particular Industries.

4. Legal and Regulatory compliance

  • Guide the SMEs through the legal and regulatory aspects of an IPO, ensuring compliance with all the applicable laws.
  • Coordinate with legal experts to ensure smooth Legal due diligence.

5. Post-IPO Support

  • Ongoing support and advisory services to the company after the IPO, including assistance with investor relations, financial reporting, and compliance with continuing regulatory obligations.
  • Migrating to Mainboard is the ultimate goal of the SMEs post listing and we stand with the Promoters to provide the required support post-listing, including monitoring stock performance and assisting them to eventually migrate to Mainboard.

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